Curiosity Watered the Goat

Cleaning the barn day 2013 009

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
e. e. cummings

I slowly opened the gate and I watched them pause in the doorway, as they always do. It is as if they are asking, “Is this really ok?” and then once again step out to experience the splendor of a world with no walls or electric fences. This is our family’s first walk of spring with our goats, Luna the Saanen and Areida the Alpine.

Shortly after that peaceful pause, it is complete pandemonium. These goats are like two freight trains carrying a special shipment of curiosity and tenacity. It does make you laugh, right before you want to cry, watching all of the chickens scatter as the goats attempt to demolish everything in their path in search of anything that they are not supposed to have. Luna is no angel but she sometimes acts like a giant marshmallow in comparison to her devilish sister. She just lacks Areida’s consistent “pulverize everything in your path to get what you want, all the time” attitude. On top of all of that, goats seem to have the gift of mind reading. Whatever it is that you want your goat to avoid, that will be the first thing that they seek out and destroy (and/or eat). I suppose it is a bit like toddlers, yet these toddlers are 130 pounds.Cleaning the barn day 2013 003

We finally made our way out of the barn and all six of us were walking on the trail next to Coon Creek, which runs through the property. Areida began looking curiously at the rushing water next to us and decided to climb down the embankment and check out the creek herself. Her ears were pointed forward in curiosity, as she explored the weeds and moved closer to the water. Luna watched from the safety of the path as Areida finally made her way to the water’s edge, and took her first drink that did not include a bucket!

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